Don’t Skip The Home Inspection

When purchasing a home, recently there’s been a trend to “opt-out” of a home inspection, which essentially means that the buyer is purchasing the house “as-is”.

Yes, it may boost your offer to the top of the pile, but you wouldn’t purchase a used car without getting a mechanic’s opinion, would you? Purchasing a home is one of if not the biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime.

Here’s just a few reasons that you need a home inspection when you purchase your new home:


  • Cracks, leaks, and foundation issues can hide from the untrained eye
  • Pest problems may not be noticed upon a first glance
  • All major systems have a lifespan-an inspection can let you know the age (and condition) of your A/C, heat, plumbing, and septic systems
  • Often sellers are willing to repair major issues prior to the sale of the home-saving you money

A proper home inspection will allow you to make a more educated decision about your dream home. You may find that the amount of repairs needed far surpass the price you are willing to pay.

Or perhaps the A/C unit should have been replaced two years ago. A home inspection is designed to find the current and potential problems that your new house has and bring them to light, allowing you and your realtor to make the best decision for you and your family.

A licensed realtor should have the name and number of several reputable and reliable home inspectors. Yes, it’s an “added” expense, but it’s a worthwhile expense.

A proper inspection should help identify potentially expensive problems so that you can request repairs or adjust your offer.

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