7 Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

You’ve enjoyed living there for years, but the time has come to put your home on the market.  Many sellers feel overwhelmed as they look around and wonder what changes will help their home sell most efficiently.

It’s not necessary to do a complete remodel to make your house the most attractive house on the market to perspective buyers! By following these simple staging tips, you can bring your house to the top of the pack:

  1. Remove clutter – The fewer items in your home the larger it will feel. Go ahead and rent a storage unit to clear your off-season clothes, seasonal décor, extra toys, the over-stuffed bookshelf, or whatever else may be cluttering your home.
  2. Scale back your furniture – When a room is packed with furniture, it appears smaller. Removing some furniture from each room will make your home feel more spacious.
  3. Make the first impression amazing – Curb appeal sells homes! Add potted flowers for color, freshen the front door with a coat of paint, and buy a new outdoor rug.
  4. Remove heavy drapes – Either adorn your windows with sheer curtains or strip them completely. Buyers are attracted to light and bright homes!
  5. Add mirrors – Do your walls look bare after removing your personal décor? Adding mirrors helps to lighten your home while also providing a more spacious feel.
  6. Use the rule of three – For decorative items, odd numbers are preferred. Group three items of varying colors, heights, or textures together on mantles or tabletops.
  7. Create function in awkward spaces – Place a desk in that small room with an angled ceiling or a chair and lamp in a tiny nook. Giving purpose to every space can make a quirky floorplan inviting.

Still wondering what needs to be done to prepare your house to sell? Contact me today to set up a meeting!

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