4 Important Things You Need To Know and Do BEFORE You List Your Home

Buying a house is exciting, and an emotional roller coaster, but it’s not nearly as emotional as selling a home-your home. When it’s time to list your home it can be a bit of a struggle.

You’ve lived there, made it your own, and now that it’s time to sell, you have to think of it as ‘just a house’. For some, it can be hard to detach. Below are a few tips for assuring smoother showings and a quicker sale.

  1. Find a Licensed Realtor

There is a lot of paperwork and legalities involved in a home sale. Hiring a professional ensures that you can deal with the smaller things-like packing, finding your new home (which your Listing Agent can also help you with), and making your final move out.

It’s always best to find a Realtor who specializes in your area and active in both the community and the Real Estate world. Look for someone who is, honest, readily available, tech savvy and focused on your needs. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions, a competent Realtor will want to assure you understand the steps of the transaction from start to finish!

  1. Find A Temporary Home For Your Fur Babies

While most of us love our animals, not everyone is an animal person. It’s best when possible to crate your animals during showing and open houses, or even take them to a doggy day care.  This way, the buyer can view the home with no unnecessary distractions.

You may want to consider putting their food and water dishes away. Remember, you want potential buyers to see your home as THEIR home.

  1. Empty Closets…Almost

Storage is a huge selling point, regardless of what type of home you’re looking for. To help they buyer envision all of the wonderful storage space, neatly fold and hang clothing in only half your closet. Box anything that creates an overcrowded look.

  1. De-Personalize

This is always the hardest thing for clients. But, remember you want the potential buyer to walk in and see their furniture, pictures etc. in the home. So, I recommend boxing most of the personal touches- pictures, collections and keepsakes. Less is more when it comes to décor and home sales. A good agent should be willing to help you decide how much is too much.

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